The CPU temperature sensor for GNOME 2
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You are looking for sensors-applet

I finally abandoned this project some time ago, but I have found a really better applet which could fill your needs. Please go to GNOME Sensors Applet web page
Anyway, thanks for coming ;)

2003-08-23 - HotApplet for Dell Laptops "Late!" release

I finished some time ago a new version of this applet, but it always remained without being released. You can download this version (with a basic fan management and some info) from here.

I will continue with the "almost-forgotten" HotApplet when I finish with this applet (and it will be really soon :) ).

Anyway, enjoy this release :)

2003-06-03 - Welcome to HotApplet homepage

Please, stay tuned. I would like to release a new version of HotApplet as soon as I finish my University exams. It's about mid-July, so be patient :)

Meanwhile, you can download last sources from here. Or maybe you could be interested on a simple sub-project for Dell laptops. Enjoy it :)